Tokyo 2020 will meet refugee Olympic team followed by Rio 2016, but...

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Japan government needs a spirit of Fair Play, meanwhile most of Japanese citizens want such nation against exclusivism, indeed. Upcoming Olympiad in Tokyo 2020 will also meet with refugee team as a delegation from the international society with liberty of conscience but not from each athletes' mother countries which drove him/her outside and iced over the human rights, you know. Contrary to such international common sense, our government has taken in very imperceptible number of political refugees so far; only 2 or 3 parsons a year!! What do you think of this numerical strength and their immigration policy? So I think super-patriot prime minister Abe could not make a welcome speech as same as Mr. president of Olympic Committee at Rio 2016. It would be a matter for regret. But, it is about not giving up.

Yoshitomo Morioka