The Refugee Republic project, 2015-

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

The Refugee Republic project is an interactive documentary which you take with you through the streets of a refugee camp and which shows you what daily life is like there.  The Domiz  camp was established in North Iraq in April 2012 to take Syrian Kurds.  The camp is located in Iraqi Kurdistan, 60 kilometres from the border between Syria and Iraq. With a surface area of 1,142,500 m2 this camp was originally intended to provide room for 38,000 refugees. Currently 58,000 refugees are registered there. The camp comprises twelve districts, ten main roads and 99 smaller streets. Refugee Republic can be seen in the basement of the tower, and a banner of drawings and texts, a sort of stylised snake, rises up from this basement. Refugee Republic has won several prizes, including the 2015 Dutch Design Award and the 2015 NFF Digital Storytelling Award.

cited from The Van Abbemuseum's web site:

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