[snippet] Pablo Picasso's "Portrait of Joseph Stalin" 1953 and a conflict in NYC, 2008

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Lene Berg's installation “Stalin by Picasso, or Portrait of Woman with Mustache,” NY, 2008 https://www.canopycanopycanopy.com/contents/the_stalin_by_picasso_case https://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/10/27/stalin-joins-lenin-in-the-east-village/ https://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/11/07/cooper-union-removes-stalin-banner/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0&quot

A lot of fuss about a drawing: On Stalin by Picasso and other Cold War battles, at HKW, Berin, 2017 https://www.hkw.de/en/programm/projekte/veranstaltung/p_136721.php

Picaso peering a portrait of Stalin
Picaso peering a portrait of Joseph Stalin

Art and Anti-Communism movement of CIA in Cold war era 1 - exhibition https://www.hkw.de/en/programm/projekte/2017/parapolitics/parapolitics_start.php http://temporaryartreview.com/cia-sponsored-cultural-freedom-comes-home-parapolitics-at-hkw/ 2 - key texts and books

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Domestic Politics and Cultural Diplomacy’, Journal of Cold War Studies 4:1 (Winter 2002): 6–26

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Campaigning Culture and the Global Cold War: The Journals of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), 3 - essay: Anti-Marxist' view of Picaso's political attitude https://espressostalinist.com/2017/07/30/alliance-marxist-leninist-the-problem-of-pablo-picasso/

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