Maybe, Anish Kapoor will take a hotspring-bath in Beppu, Japan! (the page at liked destination is worded in Japanese and currently a preliminary announcement, you'll be able to confirm the details in English by early July)

The Committee for "Kon'yoku Onsen Sekai 混浴温泉世界 ( "Monde in Mixed-Gender Mind Hotspring Spa" in English, hmm...a bit of a queer stretch? :) ), one of the provincial, artistic NPOs that promote international commissioned work project in non-consequence of Tokyo's cultural-political centralism, has recently announced that they will invite India-born, England-based artist Anish Kapoor who is held in high repute in Japan as well, and will take place of his big solo show in the frame of series project "in BEPPU", Session of edition 2018 is 6. October to 25. November. Probably, it is, in East Asia, the deuxieme solo-featured exhibition of him subsequently Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Soul in 2012.

BEPPU 別府 is a name of the city which is sited on the East coast of Kyushu 九州 island (a southern part of Japan archipelago), and is a volcanic district where many Onsen 温泉: Japanese style recreation spas various in size are situated at the lower end of active or dormant volcano mountains. For this natural resource and traditional habit of Onsen tourism and as one of visitors' aims in recuperation, feeling a power of volcanic "fumarole" bobbing up from underground (i.e. steam as a "halitus of earth") is changed significantly into not only a visually spectacular attraction but also theraputic mutableness: the enrichment of the nonpalpable and arch-geological force of things.

Mud bursting hotspring

Such being the case, I anticipate that "nothingness within/out of material" of Kapoor's void-oriented works would be suited to the occasion according to unique ecology among the human matters (health and mineral, awakening and sulfuric odor...) in Beppu Onsen and ecology of things without human-centered nature as well.

Anish Kapoor, Decension, Kochi-Musiris Biennale 2014, photo: Y. Morioka.


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