Japan's military tribute to U.S. kills endangered sea species living in the sea of Okinawa

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Paying the military tribute to the global suzerainty U.S., under whom Japan's government has been a subcontractor on the construction of military infrastructures for the past 66 years, will change and/or eventually destroy the ecosystem of several hundred of kinds of endangered species live in the reclaiming seabed of Henoko 辺野古 coast of Okinawa 沖縄 main island.

In most countries including Japan which have been situated under the condition of post-colonial resume after WW II and post-cold war state, the military alliance balanced with the counter-power against China, Russia and nominally the anti-terrorism is a synonym to the national monopoly superior to conservation of natural environment to which each quasi-colonized nation bears a duty. But, a militarily and geopolitical layer of the field always spreads over the nature-ecological fields. Consequently, such selfish use of defensive power -- stated differently, the breakup-localization of very Haunted Suzerainty's speculative battle fields -- has the opposite result than what people living on the land or sea had expected to conserve for the future generations.

Protesters from all around Japan do act up not only against the central government's enforcement that ignores the opposition of local governor Denny Tamaki 玉城デニー who is so-called "Amerasian" born in Okinawa and was elected in the gubernatorial election in Sept., but also its non-ecological monopoly of the global supremacy principle.

What leads to such terrible situation is the unconscious of "Fasci" of ordinary people who have own voting right to criticizes the assumption of entrusted governance. Japan's heretical Fasci -- falsely similar to the fascism before and during the war -- is anonymous for the self-defense, roaming in the disconcerted self, isolated each other and never not bundled together. Namely, it's a sword of "fasces" on which has a double edge for slashing both the democracy and the owner of sword. Thus, our super egoistic government is no more than the substantialized shadow of Fasci as a political crystallization of politically moderated apathy unevenly distributed all around Japan. In other words, we the exhausted majority in politics led to this result.

Yoshitomo Morioka

photo from article of Mainich News

The Kyodo News 共同通信, one of news agencies in Japan; distributing in Japanese and English, reported the landfill construction for U.S. helicopter base in future.